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Artist Biography

Born in Brooklyn, New York City, Bast has illuminated the Street Art movement for the past 15 years.

The artist is one of the most respected artist’s of his generation drawing upon influences from B-Boy, street and popular culture producing a style that is uniquely 'Bast'.

“The work isn't so much a 'melting pot' of culture as a food blender, set on max and left until the motor burns out.”
Banksy, Revolucion de Papel, December 2004

Bast has effortlessly transcended the street to gallery world and has enjoyed success on an international scale, exhibiting work to audiences from Japan to Berlin.

In 2010 the artist rekindled his long standing association with pioneering collective Faile with the magnificent ‘Deluxx Fluxx Arcade' exhibition at Lazarides in London and with the Perry Rubenstein Gallery in New York.

The artist continues to live and work from his studio in Brooklyn.