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Emma Talbot

Artist Biography

Emma Talbot was born in born in 1969, in Worcestershire. She studied at Kent Institute of Art and Design, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, and later at The Royal College of Art from1993-95.

Talbot’s style has been described as both autobiographical, and touching upon the biographies of others. Her works tells tales about life - real, imaginary and fictional, articulated, exposed, annotated and explored. In Talbot’s storyboard-like commentaries, fluctuating insight and conclusions take their own weight and contend with others, as they do in the human consciousness.

Through her work, the artist negotiates the twentieth and twenty–first century struggle of the individual in life, in the family, at home, and in society. The outcome is articulated directly onto canvas and paper, freehand - allowing the idea of fluidity and authenticity of the mark to represent the truth of the crafted life in motion that they represent.

Cultural and experiential representations are also a key feature of Talbot’s work: 1930's fonts, film, song, pop, literature, Japanese Shunga, Metaphysical Poetry, Film Noir, Edith Piaf, Edna O'Brien, Jacques Brel, Kurt Weill, Marlene Dietrich, Anaïs Nin, Edgar Reitz's Heimat, Pablo Neruda, and Paul Ricœur are noted as being formative influences and elements within her works. These ideas are implicit, however the originality through which they manifest in her work is evidence of her clean interpretation. Talbot’s work takes shared cultural experience and its icons, and shows how they give rise to, and take their place in a unique, particular and beautiful subjective experience.

Talbot is represented by Domo Baal Gallery, London and Petra Rinck Gallery, Dusseldorf . She has had numerous national and international solo exhibitions over the last 10 years, exhibiting in Galleries such as Transition Galleries (London and Isle of Wight), The Women’s Library London, Kusseneers Gallery, Antwerp, Petra Rinck Gallery, Düsseldorf,  Arcadia Missa, London, and Galerie Onrust, Amsterdam.

Her work has also featured in more than 45 international group exhibitions between 2008 and 2016. She has exhibited in Singapore, Beijing, Berlin, Miami, Walsall, Liverpool, Bankok, Dusseldorf, and Perth. It is also held in the Saatchi Collection, David Roberts Collection, Abu Dhabi Bank and the Ministry of Heritage.