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Furr & Mankowitz


Artist Biography

Furr & Mankowitz is a collaboration between Godfather of Rock & Roll photography Gered Mankowitz and Royal Artist Christian Furr.

“A merging of minds and methods…”

After a friendship spanning more than a decade, Furr and Mankowitz have produced a collection merging both their considerable skill-sets. This stunning array of works features hand-worked uniquely painted original prints with subjects including ‘The Rolling Stones’, ‘Jimi Hendrix and 'Marianne Faithful'; combining Furr’s distinct painting style with some of Mankowitz’s most iconic photographs.

Meeting at Mankowitz’s studio in Cornwall, they selected the archive images which form the basis of these works, exploring themes and agreed colour treatments. Mankowitz produced the first prints in early 2017 and shipped them to Furr’s studio where he would apply his painting style - adding colour and brushwork to express each subject’s nuances. The work merged naturally to inevitably form the stunning and colourful ’45RPM’ series.

Each of the works are available in a limited edition of just 5 unique and individually hand-finished prints.

Furr: “It probably goes back to when we first became friends. I painted a portrait of Gered and Gered took a photograph of me in my studio in Kingston upon Thames. We had this idea to work together as artists and try and fuse the world of photography and art and do something with that as an idea and I just think Gered’s amazing archive has really lent itself to us creating a whole new thing together…”

Mankowitz: “We discussed a basic concept and then Christian came to stay with me in Cornwall where we thrashed out a framework, tested some ideas and generally got excited about the project. We both wanted to create unique hand finished pieces and I was keen to produce the original prints myself. We liaised on an almost daily basis, bouncing ideas off each other, sending snaps. The first results were stunning and so exciting; it was difficult to see where I ended and Christian began, the work merged so naturally… what I was seeing was not similar to anything else that had ever been done… a true collaboration.”

Gered Mankowitz - Artist Biography

Christian Furr - Artist Biography