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Mike Badger

Artist Biography

Born in 1962, Mike Badger is an artist, sculptor and singer-songwriter based in Liverpool, England. He was co-founder of legendary Liverpool band The La’s in the early 1980s and has since achieved success in his own right as a musician and visual artist.

Badger is a pioneering sculptor and has worked on numerous public commissions, often using re-claimed materials and found objects.

“This wall mounted piece of artwork reflects the the musical pendulum that has swung from Europe to America and back again many times... Celtic music from The British Isles being transformed in the Appalachian Mountains and the Southern States, mixing with Rhythm and Blues and becoming Rock n Roll - thus inspiring ‘The British Invasion’ of America in the 1960s. Liverpool has always been at a pivotal point in the development of popular music and culture.”

Mike Badger on Atlantic Pendulum, July 2015