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Tommy Cinquegrano

Artist Biography

"...Created by Tommy Cinquegrano in San Francisco

...Hand-pulled by Kayrock Screenprinting & Axelle Editions in Brooklyn"

Originally born in Brooklyn, New York City, Cinquegrano now lives and works in San Francisco.

He has collaborated with Brooklyn-based printers Kayrock Screenprinting and Axelle Editions to form 'Printshop Brooklyn'. 

Here, Cinquegrano draws on inspiration from his direct surroundings and the notion of change within the urban landscape. The landscapes presented are a poignant tribute to a bygone era that resonate with the viewer regardless of background or locale.

“During my time living in the neighborhood of Williamsburg Brooklyn, I was surrounded by constant real estate development. In order to preserve and capture the disappearing landscape, I began to collage personal and found photos of the archetypal buildings that I saw every day.”

Cinquegrano lives and works in the Potrero Hill neighbourhood of San Francisco, California.