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John Middleton : Paint

RedHouse Originals Gallery, RedHouse Originals Gallery, 15 Cheltenham Mount, Harrogate, HG1 1DW

Date: 12th October - 10th November 2018

RedHouse Originals is pleased to present an exhibition of works by John Middleton. The first solo show by the artist since he retreated from publicly exhibiting in the late 1970s, Middleton's pieces demonstrate a lifetimes experience of mark making and painting.

The collection features work inspired by various themes which have run throughout Middleton's life; from the dark and brooding Sheffield landscapes of the artist's childhood, to more recently exploring spirituality with the occasional foray into politics and contemporary culture.

The works are presented through the filter of an "outsider" and from a largely bohemian perspective. Middleton shunned the mundane day-to-day grind over 40 years ago, releasing himself from the shackles of society to devote his life to painting. Predominantly working in watercolour and gouache, he creates abstract dreamscapes, proclaiming often-profound statements on the conscious and the spiritual.

Further details are to be announced. For further information, contact the gallery here.

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