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Pete McKee: From Dusk Till Drawn - Sketches From The Kitchen Table

RedHouse Originals Gallery, 15 Cheltenham Mount, Harrogate HG1 1DW

Date: From Saturday 21st November 2015


Sketches from the Kitchen Table by Pete McKee

RedHouse Originals Gallery is delighted to present ‘From Dusk Till Drawn’; an exhibition of original drawings and sketches by Pete McKee.

“Creating art into the wee small hours is part and parcel for every artist. Deadlines are to be ignored till the last possible moment and then used as tool for blind inspiration. The scene is set and the radio is on playing obscure nighttime music. Several cups of strong and drunk coffee sit cold and un-attended, while the artist remains hunched over their art, drafting away, occasionally glancing up at the ticking clock counting down the hours. Finally at some point in the morning, when the foxes have finished dining from bins and badgers have done their rounds of the gardens, the artist can lay their pen and brushes down, happy that they have once again met the deadline, and slink off to bed, laying awake for the rest of the night, unable to sleep, their head still fizzing with caffeine and ideas.

This collection of pen and ink drawings represent a selection of my late night work, where my ideas and desires are at their strongest, free from the static buzz of the daytime.”

Pete McKee, November 2015

The collection offers a rare glimpse into the stories behind some of McKee’s most popular images including a series of exquisitely detailed studies for Pub Scrawl; telling the poignant story of Frank and Joy, the couple immortalised in the landmark mural ‘The Snog’.

For the first time the artist has opened his incredible archive, giving an insight into the processes behind some of his most enduring images. Highlights include preparatory sketches and working drawings for recent series ‘This Is Woody and Lol’, based on the leading characters of Warp Films iconic This Is England; plus studies for concert posters created for bands including The Who, Paul Weller, The Charlatans, Stereophonics and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

Also featured will be the original sketches for ‘Turner on the Top Deck’; McKee’s depiction of fellow Sheffield icon Alex Turner of The Arctic Monkeys. The image formed the basis of the sold out and now much sought after silkscreen edition, published in 2014.

Over sixty works will be available to view and purchase from Saturday 21st November

Private View - Friday 20th November, 6 - 9pm. Please RSVP here or email

To request the PDF catalogue please click here or email

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