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The X-Ray ’72 Fender Precision Guitar Print by Horace Panter

RedHouse Originals Gallery, 15 Cheltenham Mount, Harrogate HG1 1DW

Date: Now Showing Until 23rd July 2016

“It was at a New Year’s Eve party. A friend of mine was talking to a guy who was a radiographer: ‘I don’t just do x-rays of broken bones you know; I have x-rayed a mummy for a local museum to see if it was an authentic 2000BC and not a fake.’
It was one of those light-bulb moments!”

RedHouse Originals Gallery is delighted to present a series of iconic original prints by Horace Panter. These cutting-edge editions fuse Panter’s accomplished Pop Art sensibilities as a painter and printmaker, with his rich musical heritage as bass player with legendary British band The Specials.

These remarkable new works are based on x-rays of Panter’s 1972 Fender Precision Bass guitar; originally purchased in 1975 and subsequently used on The Specials’ first album and toured all over the world. The guitar itself has been x-ray scanned and meticulously reproduced as a fine art print, combining layers of silkscreen ink and glazes then finished with diamond dust. The results are stunning. A piece of rock’n’roll history with an unrivalled provenance, revised and applied to create a pure Pop Art statement.

On the process Panter said: “We spent around 20 minutes x-raying the guitar, the result being around 1500 digital images and the next two years were spent sifting through the images, deciding which ones I could use. Then there was how to show them. What colours I could use and what media would work. I visited Coriander Studios (where I rubbed shoulders with works by Sir Peter Blake, Julian Opie and Damien Hirst) to get their input. This is the result. Silkscreen prints with glaze and diamond dust. It has been challenging to say the least, having so many permutations of image, colour and process to choose from.”

The X-Ray prints are produced in small editions of just 10 worldwide and will go on display at RedHouse Originals from 21st May. 

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