Born in Manchester in 1972, Dan Baldwin studied at Eastbourne College of Art and Design and later at Kent Institute of Art and Design.

A painter, printmaker and ceramicist, Baldwin demonstrates a unique and immediately recognisable style. He blends abstract and figurative elements, reflecting both reality and the world of imagination.

His dynamic images shift thematically, from ruminations on love and memory to philosophy and politics. Baldwin’s dynamic canvases incorporate multiple planes and perspectives, utilising a broad range of media. As well as traditional painting and mark-making his images often incorporate 3D elements, gilding, glazes, diamond dust and collage.

Symbolism is key to Baldwin’s oeuvre – swallows, skeletons and religious iconography appear alongside children’s story book illustrations, flowers, and cartoon figures. Recurring motifs are prevalent, including Baldwin’s preoccupation with human existence and perseverance to reflect on life and love.

Baldwin exhibits internationally and collectors of his work include Damien Hirst, Peter Blake and Gilbert and George.

“Looking at Dan’s work is like meeting old friends for me,” Peter Blake once said. “It’s fascinating to see Mickey and all the chaps used in a newer different way.”

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Film: Wishing Well Fountain (1916)

Written & Narrated by Alison Mosshart, Illustrated by Dan Baldwin