Peter Doherty was born in Hexham, England in 1979 and is a celebrated a musician, writer, actor, poet, and artist.

Doherty is uniquely positioned as one of the most important and exciting multimedia artists of the 21st Century. Having had a relatively short career thus far, he has accomplished critical and commercial acclaim in numerous artistic arenas.

He first came to prominence as co-founder of The Libertines, the band formed with Carl Barat in London in 1997. The group’s first album, Up The Bracket marked a new era in English guitar music in the 21st Century, paving the way for the likes of Arctic Monkeys amongst others. The album was produced by Mick Jones of The Clash and saw Doherty and Barat proclaimed as the most exciting songwriters of their generation.

In 2005 Doherty formed Babyshambles and released two albums between 2005 – 2007. He created the artwork for both albums, with Down in Albion featuring his French Dog motif.

Doherty signed a deal with Orion books to publish his journals in 2006. The Books of Albion: The Collected Writings of Peter Doherty includes poetry, photographs and drawings and is testament to the artist’s versatility and relentless approach to creation.

His first solo album Grace/Wastelands was released in 2009 and again Doherty took responsibility for the album’s artwork. The design features a collaged self-portrait with Doherty and the poet Arthur Rimbaud, as a tribute to one of his literary heroes. The image was taken from the painting ‘Sssspoons’.

Doherty now lives and works in Paris and London.

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