Born in Yorkshire in 1979, Schoph is an artist and curator who first came to prominence on the international snowboarding scene, though it is his artwork that he is now recognised for across the globe.

Schoph’s dynamic and brooding paintings are at once beautiful and dark. Nuanced layers of texture and colour, executed boldly and without compromise express raw energy and depth.

A founder of two companies, Dalikfodda & House Of Maiden, Schoph has contributed artwork and graphics to some of the most established snowboard companies in the industry, including Lib Technologies , Dragon and Elm Company.

He has exhibited internationally and extensively in the United States, taking in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego and Jackson Hole. In 2014 Schoph was commissioned by Michael O’Hare to create murals and paintings for his Michelin-starred restaurant The Man Behind the Curtain, in Leeds, which re-ignited his relationship with his native Northern England.

In 2019, Schoph and fellow former snowboarder Danny Larsen were selected to represent RedHouse Originals in our first international venture; ‘Head – Heart – Hand‘ was a showcase of two painters with disparate styles united by a love of rock‘n’roll music.

Schoph: “I always listen to music while I paint and the works are named after my favourite songs. Music is an international language and it’s one of the things that Danny and I share. Having said that, we have different styles as artists. Danny tends to work in black and white, but I always work with colour, even when the themes are dark. Two childhood obsessions, stained glass and heavy metal are also present in these works. But there is no essential meaning, I do what I do and let the beholder find what they want to see. Ultimately, we have tried to make the sort of show we would both like to visit.”

His most recent series, ‘The Quarantine Paintings (2020-21)’, is the artist’s largest and most involved to date. Schoph explores a range of emotions; at once complex and universal, shared by many during lockdown, presented through the prism of an artist‘s perspective. Schoph has likened the paintings to “chapters in a book” recording the various stages of lockdown. Each canvas has a date embedded to document completion and chronology; a tracking of time and a crystalline moment in history.

Usually I don’t look at the outside world, or the internet – so being an artist is naturally isolating – working whenever you have inspiration or drive. For me that is every day anyway.”

The artist currently divides his time between studios in Yorkshire and California, with frequent commissions in and around the Tignes.

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