Thomas James Butler was born in Harrogate in 1982.

Growing up with weekly trips to galleries and watching his father paint and sculpt, Butler fast became deeply interested if not obsessed with Art.

After a brief and disillusioned spell at Art College he travelled and worked, eventually settling in the world of horticulture. Butler has spent the last ten years working in garden design, whilst quietly spending his spare time creating his own style of collage and painting. Only now has he decided to make them public.

Citing influences as his father, and the artists Eduardo Paolozzi, David Hockney and Terry Gilliam, Butler’s surreal and engaging style draws on 20th century iconography, often using the blankness of the canvas as much the materials themselves to draw the viewer into the work.

Likening his collages to his dreams Butler says: “Asking me to explain my work is like asking me to explain my dreams – I can’t. I love the idea of a dream being like a collage. A handful of random images from past and present thrown together in one surreal fleeting moment”

Butler now lives and works from his studio in Harrogate, with artist and partner Candie Payne.

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