Born in North Yorkshire in 1982, Thomas James Butler is an artist adept at working with a range of materials and mediums to express his ideas.

He draws inspiration from a range of cultural reference points and innovators; the great painters of the 20th century such as Robert Rauchenburg, John Hoyland and Hans Hoffman as well as filmmakers and writers including Stanley Kubrick, Charles Bukowski and Terry Gilliam.

Butler’s early work focused on his collage technique, a dynamic and engaging style that drew on 20th century iconography, often using the blankness of the canvas as much as the materials themselves to draw the viewer into the work.

His evolution into abstract painting has been a natural development, a more personal expression of colour and form painted almost instinctively. Vibrant colours that are often otherwise incompatible find harmony when held together within the context of his bold compositions; as an artist he creates a sense of beauty and joy out of what could easily fall into chaos.

2022 will see the release of his first book, produced in partnership with writer and musician Rufus Beckett. The collection features images and poetry inspired by the continuous mutations of the sea and how it can mirror the human condition. Butler has created 22 new paintings in response to Beckett’s poems.

Butler lives and works in Yorkshire, sharing a studio with his partner, artist Candie Payne, and is currently preparing for his next joint headline exhibition in Oslo in 2023.

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