Gered Mankowitz: A Retrospective

Photographer Gered Mankowitz is to be the subject of a major retrospective exhibition at RedHouse Originals Gallery in Harrogate.

The exhibition features over 100 photographs from Mankowitz’s entire career, spanning four decades of music photography.

“This is my first ever retrospective, and we have gone right back to basics. It is entirely black and white, and every photograph has been made by hand in the darkroom. We were very strict – if there was no original negative, then a photograph could not be part of the show. I have never exhibited or offered my work in this size before, and they really are a delight to behold. In this digital age where the values of traditional photographic techniques have been eroded, it is very important for me to be able to produce an entire exhibition using traditional methods whilst the individual skills and materials are still available.”
Gered Mankowitz