Solo Exhibition

Horace Panter: The Americana Collection

“The Americana series explores the myth of America for me. I’m English and the flamboyant signage and brightly coloured buildings are like the jewels.”
Horace Panter

RedHouse Originals is delighted to present a collection of original paintings from Horace Panter’s Americana series. Inspired by the artist’s recent trips to US whilst on tour with The Specials, these works capture the everyday iconic cultural signifiers of America’s West Coast roadside aesthetic.

The bold, flat planes of colour provide a richness for these fascinating and often playful landmarks, which one can imagine punctuating the passage of such a road trip. Amid the bright colours and garish advertising there is a haunting absence, and this contrast serves to enhance the power of imagery. The influences of Edward Hopper, David Hockney and Richard Estes come to the fore, and this, coupled with the Pop Art application focusing on the beauty of the seemingly mundane, elevate the imagery to the realm of the wonderful.

“I was always impressed by the work of Edward Hopper, his buildings seem very solitary and I’ve tried to incorporate that feeling in the work. It’s about what’s painted but also about what I’ve left out from my original photographs and sketches. The self contained myth…”
Horace Panter

The collection also includes three previously unseen ‘Power Lines’ paintings that will be exhibted for the first time. Panter: “Over the past few years I’ve spent a fair bit of time in Los Angeles and these power lines are everywhere. They’re part of the urban landscape and are taken for granted. For me, they are quintessential LA… the ones I have painted I photographed on Sunset Boulevard, they’re all the same but different. And yes, the sky really is that colour!”

The exhibition will be on display until 3rd March 2018.