Project One: Icons | Group Exhibition

Feat. Peter Blake and Banksy

Project One: Icons focuses on iconic images of people, places and institutions produced during the past 50 years. The exhibition draws on themes including religion, royalty, celebrity and politics.

The collection features original works reflecting the emergence of a 21st Century Renaissance in pop / street / urban art culture including paintings, sculpture, collage and prints by Peter Blake, Gerald Laing, and David Mach, alongside a new generation of artists who are taking contemporary visual art to a new level: Blek Le Rat, Banksy, Peter Doherty, Paul Insect, Space Invader, Charles Lutz and Ezra.

Project One: Icons is accompanied by a 40 page catalogue with foreword by Gerald Laing.

“The new urban art is driven by social and political concerns. Young artists woking in this vein have thrown off apathy and the sense of impotence which used to be so pervasive. They have opinions and are not afraid to express them. I find this very reassuring, because there is so much at stake, and the disasters created by cynicim, incompetence and corruption are of far greater consequence than they have ever been before”
Gerald Laing, 2008

Curated by Andrew Stewart, Richard McTague and Jon Kendall.