Pete McKee: Warp Films 10 Year Anniversary

To mark the 10th anniversary of Warp Films, Pete McKee was commissioned to re-work the posters for ten of their most celebrated films. Titles include This is England, Dead Man’s Shoes and Four Lions with McKee adding his unique style to each subject.

“When Warp asked me to paint their favourite films I immediately said yes. Then I wondered how I was going to portray a film where there are 11 murders in it and another film where a lovely dog meets an untimely end in the first scene.

“Not my usual subject matter, but an interesting challenge.”
Pete McKee

The Warp 10 series was showcased at the British Film Institute and featured in Creative Review so we are absolutely thrilled to bring the collection to RedHouse. We are particularly happy to be able offer some of the few remaining prints available on the market, including rare artist proof versions of This Is England and Dead Man’s Shoes.

Featured Artwork