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Posted 22nd June 2016 by RedHouse Originals


Leeds-based artist David Rusbatch is back with a new collection for RedHouse Originals Gallery. This new exhibition called ‘I used to sleep at night’ will be displayed in Harrogate from 24th June- 23rd July.

Rusbatch draws on a lot of popular culture in creating his artwork. His focus on themes of celebrity and genius allowed for him to become one of the youngest ever exhibitors at the National Design Museum back in 2008.

The nature of creation and act of destruction are constant themes in Rusbatch’s work. He has been known to stop work completely on a painting or even destroy one. This helps him lead to his own sense of enlightenment and ideas of perfection.

In this new exhibition, most of his paintings were done at the end of a relationship. Rusbatch said “I should’ve called the exhibition ‘heartbreaker’. I escaped to Yorkshire Dales and found solace.”

While typically Rusbatch focuses on hallmark portrait style for his exhibitions, he has branched out to include a new form of landscape paintings. He utilizes multiple techniques to achieve these paintings by working with oil paint, fluorescent light gels and heavy gloss varnish. There are different viewpoints represented in the paintings, as well, hinting at elements of cubism.

In regards to his new style Rusbatch said, “We have started to call them the ‘neo-landscape paintings’. It was an escape, but not without an edge.”

For those that are a fan of his portrait style, he still has multiple paintings that stay true to that style

This is Rusbatch’s first exhibit since his 2014 show ‘Lost & Found’. His popularity has continued to grow with a wait list currently for all of his paintings.

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