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Posted 8th October 2015 by RedHouse Originals

North Yorkshire News – ‘Exhibition by Mighty Boosh’s Noel Fielding at Harrogate Comedy Festival’

By Graham Chalmers

Thursday 08 October 2015


He was the star of The Mighty Boosh and now Harrogate fans of madcap comedian Noel Fielding will get the chance to see if he’s a mighty artist thanks to a unique tie-up between RedHouse Originals gallery and Harrogate Theatre this weekend.

As part of Harrogate Comedy Festival, the ex-Never Mind the Buzzcocks presenter will be exhibiting his latest artwork inside the relaxed confines of Harrogate Theatre’s Circle Bar. But fans better be quick. It’s such a coup for RedHouse Originals that the exhibition, called He Wore Dreams Around Unkind Faces, will only be in Harrogate for two days – Saturday, October 10 and Sunday, October 11.

The last time the charismatic Fielding’s path crossed with Harrogate was when he and comedy partner Julian Barratt brought the live tour of The Mighty Boosh to Harrogate Theatre. There was minor pandemonium. Being a team captain on BBC 2’s popular music/comedy panel show Never Mind the Buzzcocks for many years hadn’t done Noel’s popularity any harm. Though best known for his comedy roles in radio, TV and film, the versatile 42-year-old has never been one to limit himself to one art form. Such are his talents that he’s also known for DJ-ing and being a band member, working with members of Razorlight in the past. 

He held his first exhibition at Greek Street in Soho in 2008. Called Psychedelic Dreams of the Jelly Fox, many of the artworks were as surreal and zany as his sense of humour. In 2011, Fielding published his own art book – Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton – a collection of drawings, paintings and photography in collaboration with fellow comedian Dave Brown, who was also a member of The Mighty Boosh.

It’s the first time this special collection of Fielding’s original watercolour paintings has been shown outside London since it was first displayed at the Royal Albert Hall earlier in the year.

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