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Posted 25th March 2019 by RedHouse Originals

The Yorkshire Post | “Harrogate display of rare prints by Bradford’s David Hockney”

A small collection of rare original prints by Bradford-born artist David Hockney have gone on display.

The works, which went on show today at the RedHouse Originals Gallery in Harrogate, are taken from three series: Some New Prints (1993), Sunflowers (1995) and The Blue Guitar (1976-77).

In the first, influenced by Cubism and Pablo Picasso, Hockney explores landscape and perspective, with his return to America in the early 1990s celebrated in three works, Going Out, Ink In The Room and Blue Hang Cliff.

The rolling mountains of California are paired with colours inspired by the Latin American border, which is close by, signposting a return to graphic work following numerous projects in theatre and photography.

Hockney, who is aged 80, said: “You can see in (the mountains), the violence of nature that at one time made that thrust, and also the calm of nature, now that the thrust has ceased.”

The artist’s fascination with Picasso is also documented in works from the earliest series, the full title of which is The Blue Guitar: Etchings By David Hockney Who Was Inspired By Wallace Stevens Who Was Inspired By Pablo Picasso.

Born in Bradford in 1937, Hockney now lives and works between studios in Yorkshire and California.

He attended Bradford College of Art before being was accepted to the Royal College of Art in 1959.

The exhibition is available to see at the Cheltenham Mount gallery until Saturday, April 7