Posted 10th January 2009 by RedHouse Originals

Yorkshire Evening Post – Ezra at the Tate

Group goes arty-party

Source: Yorkshire Evening Post, written by Charles Heslett
January 10, 2009

“Culture of secrecy means no-one knows who’ll put finishing touch to show celebrating city’s great year”

A secretive Leeds art collective will live it up tonight as special guests at a spectacular party across the Pennines.

But before members of urban art group Ezra start sipping champagne, they have to put the finishing touches to their three-part exhibition, Ape, Culture, Ape, at the Tate, Liverpool. The exhibition is part of the celebrations as Liverpool marks the end of its reign as European Capital of Culture for 2008.

The artists’ identities are a closely-guarded secret and it was unclear which one will finish the painting. Even their agent, Richard McTague, communicates with them only by email. Mr McTague, who runs RedHouse Originals in Harrogate, said: “I think the founders were two blokes who live on the outskirts of Leeds. The first time they got in touch last year was when we were sent images of their work over the internet. Me and my business partner, Jon Kendall, put on their first show, but Ezra didn’t even turn up for the private view. What was nice is that first show, which featured screenprints of an image of Audrey Hepburn, was in aid of the Candlelighters charity. I really get the feeling it’s about the work, not about the

Ezra has grown ion numbers and it artists tend to work in groups of three. Mr McTague said: “Their work appears to be influenced by the American artist, Roy Lichtenstein, and other 1960s Pop Art. For the Liverpool show, Ezra will produce a three-panel installation exploring notions of culture and science and the controversy surrounding theories of human evolution. Another recent theme was Crooks, Crimes and Comic Books looking at themes of propaganda portrayed through American super hero comics.”
Ape, Culture, Ape will be available from Monday. Go to www.RedHouse or call 01423 884400.