Born in Bristol in 1969, Nick Walker was a key player in the legendary ‘Wild Bunch’ Bristol scene of the early 1980s and has since become one of the most celebrated artists of the Urban Contemporary movement.

Walker combines a freehand and stencil approach, producing a distinguished and elegant style that is uniquely ‘Nick Walker’. His semi-autobiographical series, ‘The Morning After’ encapsulates this perfectly. Walker creates images based on photographs of iconic world destinations, incorporating a bowler-hat wearing figure (believed to be Walker himself) and distinctive splashes of colour. The images, among Walker’s most sophisticated and desirable, have been reproduced meticulously in his iconic stencil-style as editioned canvasses and silkscreen prints on paper.

Though Walker made his name as a pioneer of the Graffiti and Urban movements he has worked extensively in the film industry and has designed backdrops and layouts for films including Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ and ‘Judge Dredd’.

In more recent years his distinctive style has enabled him to move his work from the streets of the world to gallery walls with exhibitions in London, Canada, Tokyo, Berlin, Taiwan and numerous venues in the U.S.

His work is held in numerous international institutions and collectors of his work include the Mugrabi family, Donald Sutherland and Ian Brown.

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