Solo Exhibition

Danny Larsen: Darkness

The Kittelsen Museum, Norway

We are delighted to announce the long-anticipated Darkness exhibition, featuring original paintings by Danny Larsen, is now open at The Kittelsen Museum in Vikersund, Norway.

After a year of postponements we are delighted to let you know that Larsen‘s stunning new collection is on display in the artist’s first solo show in his homeland.

The Kittelsen Museum:“Larsen’s motifs lure us into the darkness of Krokskogen and the other wild places the artist has wandered. Yet there is often a light guiding us along the path. Nature is open and inclusive, quiet and still, even as fear of the unknown lurks in the shadows.”

A self-taught artist, Danny Larsen’s paintings emulate the beauty of historic landscapes, often but not exclusively depicting his Nordic homeland. Created through precise and repetitive action, stippling acrylic pen onto canvas or paper, Larsen’s practice is a propensity for shadow and light that capture the majesty of nature, elevating viewpoints and aspects that are often overlooked.

Initially coming to prominence as a professional snowboarder, travelling and performing across the globe, Larsen has since shifted his energies to the visual arts and has exhibited internationally in Paris, London and Austria. In 2019 the artist had a homecoming in collaboration with Schoph for Head – Heart – Hand at Akersgata 1, where for the first time he was able to show the people of Oslo and the wider world his view of their shared surroundings.

Larsen: “Like snowboarding, art offers both freedom of self-expression and proximity to nature.”

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