Born in Oslo, Norway in 1981, Danny Larsen’s atmospheric paintings celebrate the landscape of his homeland. He produces intricate works on canvas and paper in a neo-pointillist style, often depicting wild forests, open water and illuminated vistas.

Larsen’s philosophy is an intrinsic part of his practice; to embrace the ever-present darkness, finding the light and beauty within it. He seeks out the treasure within the ordinary, crystalising apparently unremarkable experiences as moments of glory.

Larsen: “The wonderful thing about living in the shadows, is that when you do find it, the smallest glimpse of light stands out like a beacon. The paintings are about that, those moments when I managed to see how beautiful it all can be, even those dark corners hidden in the shadows.”

Prior to becoming a full-time artist, Larsen had a successful career as a professional snowboarder, travelling and performing worldwide whilst creating artistic content for the industry. Signposting the start of a burgeoning artistic career, he collaborated with Etnies in 2012, exhibiting a small collection of drawings at their flagship store in Amsterdam. Following this he went on to work with numerous renowned brands including K2, Spy Optic and black metal band Satyricon. 

Larsen’s focus shifted from snowboarding to visual art in the years that followed, developing his illustrative style with the Oslo collective Brenneriveien, alongside artists Peter-John de Villiers (Shallowtree), Børge Bredenbekk, Jon Arne Berg and Remi Juliebø. It was around this time his signature style of mark making evolved, creating a method of varying dot distribution to convey areas of light and dark. In 2017 he showcased this new technique with ‘Skogsti’; an evocative landscape that featured in the Ethos exhibition, curated by de Villiers and featuring Schoph, Jamie Lynn, Aaron Schwartz, Brian Iguchi and Scott Lenhardt. 

In 2018, Larsen developed a close partnership with Michelin starred restaurant Maaemo in Oslo, producing paintings and designs for the establishment. His artwork also features throughout their rare and much sought after book, Maaemo: Mutter Erde

He collaborated again with close friend, artist and curator Schoph in 2019 on a project in the Norwegian capital. Head Heart Hand was the first international event for RedHouse Gallery and a homecoming show for Larsen.

Larsen: “It meant so much to me. Schoph and I both love Oslo, it’s a vibrant modern city, but you’re only a few minutes away from a calm forest or the fjord, which presents unique possibilities. To have shown the people of Oslo my view of our shared surroundings was extremely special.” 

A sell-out solo exhibition at the prestigious Kittelsen Museum in Vikersund followed with Darkness opening in 2021. It was reported to be the best attended show in the museum’s history and Larsen’s reputation has continued to grow, with works now held in numerous distinguished private and public collections.

The artist’s debut UK solo exhibition From The Shadows opened at RedHouse Gallery in November 2022, featuring new and historic works on canvas and paper plus the unveiling of two paintings inspired by a visit to the Yorkshire Dales. The collection was complemented by an art house film produced in collaboration with Matt Pain, and a selection of photographic works offering a unique glimpse into the process of one of the most exciting contemporary artists working today.

A selection of Larsen’s prints will feature in the RedHouse group exhibition Infinite Nature, the UK edition, first shown in the artist’s native Oslo, Norway earlier this summer.

Danny Larsen lives and works just outside Oslo in his native Norway. 


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