A Solo Exhibition

Spotlight Artist : Danny Larsen

“The most inspiring part is when you see that one moment that other’s might ignore. To be able to see beauty in an everyday situation, and to share it.  I think it translates well in to how we tend to live our lives, looking for something new and better when we have something amazing happening right outside our door, we have just forgotten to look.”
Danny Larsen

We are delighted to present works on canvas and paper by Danny Larsen. The artist’s unique process has made him one of Norway’s most sought after painters, with numerous sold-out print editions and a waiting list for his works on canvas.

Norway’s brooding landscapes are presented through the artist’s unique monochromatic filter; in First Rays’ a heavy fog hangs over vast pine forests, while Morning Fog shows paths trailing out of shadowy glades, encouraging the viewer to pause and look a little closer.

A selection of paintings and prints are now available to view and purchase, including works on canvas, unique hand-finished prints and rare artist proofs.

The collection will be on display throughout March.

Featured Artwork