Trooping The Colour | Group Show

Group Exhibition

We are delighted to present Trooping The Colour; a collaborative exhibition investigating the use of colour and its relationship to aesthetic space.

Artists featured include Andy Warhol, Schoph, Danny Larsen, Peter Blake, Christian Furr, Florence Blanchard, Candie Payne, John Middleton, plus an exciting new collaboration from Thomas James Butler and Christopher Morrison.

The collection of mainly new work is complemented by original black and white photography by Andy Warhol. These rare images document Warhol’s visit to China in 1982, a trip that was said to have had a profound effect on the artist.

“It was a Warholian experience. Here’s the guy that did the Campbell’s soup can – he was all about the multiplicity of things – and here was a whole lifestyle based on that idea.”
Christopher Makos, Warhol’s close friend and personal photographer

Warhol’s love of repetition and mass production rendered China – a country filled with factories, whose communist citizens dressed in matching suits and rode carbon-copy bicycles – somewhat of a wonderland for the artist.

“I like this better than our culture. It’s simpler. I love all the blue clothes. Everyone wearing blue. I like to wear the same thing every day.”
Andy Warhol

Trooping The Colour will also feature new work by one of Norway’s most celebrated young artists Danny Larsen, whose dynamic monochrome landscapes are coveted by collectors worldwide.