Born in Merseyside, in 1966, Christian Furr studied fine art at De Montfort University. He first gained an international audience in 1995 after becoming the youngest artist commissioned to paint Queen Elizabeth ll.

Furr is concerned with keeping the British tradition of oil painting fresh and alive as a contemporary medium. Over the years, his desire to broaden his artistic language has led to well-received collaborations with other artists, including neon-artist Chris Bracey and most recently the legendary photographer Gered Mankowitz.

Throughout his career, Furr has expanded his signature nuanced palette to incorporate pure colour, allowing him to experiment more freely and reach a broader audience. He draws inspiration from incredibly diverse sources – a fragment of Rumi poetry, a lyric from The Doors, a quote from Charles Bukowski, a couplet from a William Blake sonnet, a scene from Zabriskie Point by Antonioni; the symbols of his far-reaching interests find their way into his work.

Since achieving his early renown, Furr has built a devoted and growing following. His work is held within numerous national institutions including universities and private collections in Britain.

In 2019 the artist returned to his home borough on the Wirral for a retrospective of his artwork, shown at the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum.

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