Solo Exhibition

Schoph: The Monolith Collection




1820–30; Latin monolithus, Greek monólithos made of one stone.

1. A large single upright block of stone, especially one shaped into or serving as a pillar or monument.

2. A large, impersonal political, corporate, or social structure regarded as indivisible and slow to change.


We are delighted to present Monolith; featuring new paintings and unique prints by Schoph.

Monolith marks the artist’s first foray into abstraction and is a development of recent mixed media series Out Of The Black And Into The Blue.

Deep swathes of colour are complemented by layers of pink and blue overspray, obscuring layers of text in the artist’s distinctive scrawl.

“The past 5 months I’ve been working on these five abstracts and it’s been one of the most liberating experiences I’ve had as an artist. They are close to my mixed media works but the polar opposite of the resin and stainglass subjects. But they say variety is the spice of life.”

The series also includes ‘What We Can’ – an edition of 30 unique pigment prints with extensive hand finishing in spray paint, charcoal, oil pastel and enamel.

Schoph now divides his time between Yorkshire and California, with recent projects including a collaboration with Vans, succeeded by his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles in late 2018.

Monolith will go on display from Saturday 2nd March – 6th April and Schoph will be in attendance at the gallery creating a mural in the exhibition space.

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